Established in 2007, PENTA is the leading independent office furniture supplier, with intelligent solutions for office planning, office relocation, customized office interior design and office refurbishment and school furniture’s in Doha, Qatar.

With specialist knowledge and extensive expertise we provide professional advice, design facilities and managers to ensure the success of every office and corporate fit-out project, school, nurseries or kindergarten.


We first listen, ask questions and then develop your ideas into thoughtful solutions. In this way, your workspace can reflect your corporate culture, facilitate an efficient workflow, and provide long term value. We view furniture as a long term asset rather than a diminishing liability. We pride ourselves on offering personal attention and customer focused thinking with great solutions that will provide the image you deserve.

Our mission is to leave our customers with such an
extraordinary experience that they are compelled to share it with others. We focus our best attention on all our customers’ needs, both large and small.

We cultivate strategic relationships with key suppliers in order to build a value chain that promotes long term sustainability and global competitiveness.

We also determine that our name will indicate reliability and quality, thus becoming the office and schooling furniture
supplier of choice. To ascertain the same, we provide all our customers free transportation and free installation.


There are five things that remain constant in Penta’s products:

PERFORMANCE : Is required for leadership. We want to be leaders.

ERGONOMICS : You matter most to us so we create a better world around you

NICHE : PENTA is recognized internationally for creating Workplace furnishings that inspire, evolve and endure

TECHNOLOGY : Furniture that responds and adapts to changing needs

AFFORDABILITY : Tailored to suit individual objectives and budget.


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