The Effect Of Furniture On Physical And Mental Health

Late 60s and early 70s witnessed a shift in the female population migrating towards the corporate sector. Women have come a long way by gradually climbing the corporate ladder and carving a niche for themselves. As more and more females diverted towards the ‘men’s duties’, a strong requirement for certain changes began to lure in the picture. The office environment started to change as per the needs of the employees, which now included women as well.

Right from almost eradicating the confining cubicle-led office to now contemplating on stamping out formal office furniture, there is already a lot of dynamicity going on. With the birth of contemporary offices, a better work life ethic, favoring comfort, productivity and active collaboration of employees, have been introduced.

Nowhere in the said area, have females proved to be any less than their male counterparts and are an equally valuable asset to the organization. To encourage the zeal, companies could add a little-feminine flare to the already volatile office environment. Here are some addition that can be made:

1. FURNITURE : The office chair and desk are the only piece of furniture that your employees spend on for more than 8 hours a day.

  • By investing in good quality ergonomic furniture, adjustable back rest features benefit the spinal cord by relieving pressure and boosting up the blood flow.
  • Females face more calcium deficiency as compared to males, resulting in reduced bone density. Adjustable ergonomic chairs eliminates back pain.
  • As women have shorter height, the adjustable height feature can be availed to improve the body posture and enhance productivity.


  • This is a highly overlooked area of development in offices. By providing specific areas for drawers and storage units, offices can suppress the havoc created because of a messy outlook.
  • Locker facilities can be created for females to store their handbags and personal items, motivating the staff to believe that the office has an arrangement of special provisions for each gender.


  • There would be no harm if the company could plan for basic WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) provisions for women. A separate washroom with proper water facilities and closed dustbins, create a stronger impact than realized.
  • Timely check on maintenance is something that is expected, for either genders. Cleanliness of unclean desks, air vents and the whole office area should be of topmost priority for a healthy environment.

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