The Effect Of Furniture on Physical And Mental Health

Do you think your office has a safe environment? Do you think it physically and mentally leads to the betterment of your employees? You would be stunned to learn the upper-hand role of the right kind of furniture in your office, creates a huge impact on the physical and mental health of your employees, leading to a rise in productivity.

Due to the acquired sedentary lifestyle today, everyone is adapting physio-skeletal disorders, fatigue, depression and a long list of health issues. It becomes a primary duty, thus to equip the work in reference to a safety for employees. Ergonomic furniture plays the alpha here.

Ergonomic chairs, for instance, is specifically designed to adapt according to the structure of the person using it. It consists of an adjustable headrest, which gives a support to your spine, reducing back pains, preventing cervical spondylosis, along with neck and hip disorders. The lever attached to it gives you the liberty to adjust the height of the chair according to your comfort, sticking to the fact that you have to spend more than 8 hours on it. This ensures a 90 degree angle between the knees and the hips.

Another category of this line of furniture is the ergonomic desk, or the sit-stand desk. According to a research by Loughborough University, it is found that standing and working boosts the mental productivity. Standing can also be a routine-breaker of your sitting posture and turns out to be healthy. According to the British Medical Journal, 77% employees feel less tired and more engaged while working on a height-adjustable table.

Adhering to this, certain countries have made it an absolute necessity to have such ergonomic furniture in hand. They can be customized and made available in different shapes or sizes, reducing the risk of aches, injuries and cardiovascular diseases by 40%.

An individual performs well if they feels that their organization is not hesitant on investing upon their physical and mental security. This sense of security and well-being drives them to produce better result, keeping one foot forward and bring great opportunities for the organization, in turn.

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